Japan Times Article: Knowing your audience crucial to winning effective PR results overseas


When reaching out to overseas audiences, Japanese companies need to understand what their target audience wants to know

On 27 July, COSMO President and CEO Kumi Sato spoke at a Keizai Koho Center seminar at Keidanren Hall. The seminar was titled "Overseas Communications: Challenges and Opportunities".

During the seminar, Ms. Sato spoke about the evolution of overseas communication and PR in Japan from the experiences of COSMO's 50+ years experience, and then went on to talk about the overseas media landscape today and opportunities for Japanese firms abroad.

Ms. Sato stressed the importance of communicating with the target audience in mind, both in terms of local differences and in terms of an audience's emotional response to a given message. She stressed that now Japan had an opportunity to proactively disseminate positive messages abroad, which should not be missed.

The Japan Times published an article featuring Ms. Sato's speech on 8 August 2011. The article can be found here: