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COSMO’s latest news.

COVID-19: Countering the Impact and Navigating Your PR Response

– Disclosing Sensitive Information and Planning Media Events – The global spread of COVID-19 is showing no signs of abating. Companies are faced with the challenge of taking sufficient measures to prevent transmission and minimize impact, while simultaneously sustaining their business. In these circumstances, how should those of us in the field of public relations

COSMO Holds Reputation Risk Management Seminar

COSMO held the seminar, “Proactive Reputation Risk Management,” on November 15 spotlighting its renewed “Reputation Risk Management” core offerings. As the pharmaceutical and medical device industries grow increasingly complex, demand for reputation risk management also increases. Even risk-averse companies have inevitably faced incidents. Instead of approaching communication as an add-on service, COSMO recommends proactive reputation

Optimism for 2020

We’re now a month into 2020, but this year is a significant milestone for COSMO, marking the 60th anniversary of our agency. Since our establishment in 1960, COSMO has evolved from providing editorial services for Japanese companies to being a pioneer in Japan’s communications industry, now specializing in globally-focused healthcare consultancy. A key driving force

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