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EyeforPharma Patient Summit USA: Patient Engagement Insights

Q&A with the Change Makers at the Forefront of Patient-Centricity COSMO’s senior consultant in Washington DC, Emi Yasukawa, reports on the EyeforPharma Patient Summit USA held October 2 – 3. At the two-day summit in Philadelphia, pharmaceutical industry professionals and patient advocacy groups gathered to share their insights move the industry forward. In this article,

Q&A with the Change Makers at the Forefront of Patient-Centricity: Accelerating the cultural change toward patient-centricity

Lode Dewulf is trusted as a global thought leader for patient engagement in medicine development. He currently works as Chief Patient Officer at Servier, a foundation-governed global pharmaceutical company. When Dr. Dewulf studied and practiced medicine, he quickly realized that true engagement, with the patients and their families, are at least as important as good

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