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“Patient Insight Report: Cancer”


The cancer therapy market has increased significantly in the last ten years, and the five-year survival rates for cancer patients are growing each year. An increase in cancer treatment options has prompted new medical practices. Informed consent assures that patients agree to treatment options only after receiving explanations from their physicians, while shared decision-making has physicians and patients confirm evidential information and select treatment methods together. Healthcare today is shifting from treatment that physicians unilaterally offer to one in which patients participate, proactively learning, understanding, and stating their choice.

Against such a backdrop, COSMO HEALTHCARE has conducted a nationwide online survey of 300 patients (aged 20 to 69) across ten major types of cancer* in order to gain insight into how informed cancer patients are when choosing from treatment options, as well as measuring the behavioral differences among patients with different types of cancers. Patient awareness and perceptions of 19 major pharmaceutical companies** were also measured to understand how corporate reputations may affect the selection of prescription drugs.

*The cancer types covered in the survey were: Ovarian cancer; cervical and uterine cancer; breast cancer; pancreatic and liver cancer; malignant lymphoma; kidney and ureter cancer; lung cancer; prostate cancer; gastric cancer; and colorectal cancer.

**The pharmaceutical companies covered in the survey were: Takeda; Astellas; Taiho; Daiichi-Sankyo; Eisai; Chugai; Ono; Shionogi; Kyowa Kirin; Pfizer; Novartis; MSD (Merck & Co.); GSK (GlaxoSmithKline); Sanofi; Amgen; Bristol-Myers Squibb; AstraZeneca; Bayer; and Eli Lilly.

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Tomomi-NagasawaCOSMO Insight Report “Patient Insight Report: Cancer”