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Healthcare and The Environment: Environmental Changes and Health in Medical Practice What changes should we expect from work style reforms for doctors?

Since 2019, different industries across Japan have begun implementing upper limit regulations on overtime and holiday working hours under the “Work Style Reform Act.” A five-year grace period was given to the medical industry, with the Revised Medical Law enacted in 2021. After three years of preparation, overtime and holiday working for doctors will be limited from April 1 this year to no more than 960 hours a year, with some exceptions depending on the type of medical institution. What

Health Care and The Environment: The Risks Posed by Climate Change How should the healthcare industry respond?

Health issues caused by the rising temperatures associated with climate change have increased dramatically in recent years. Record heat waves in Europe caused more than 60,000 deaths last year, while a sharp increase in climate disasters such as floods and droughts in Africa have led to worsening food security and the spread of infectious diseases. Japan is no exception, and the number of “Heat Stroke Alerts” issued by the Ministry of the Environment continues to rise each year. This year,

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