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Online Seminar Co-sponsored by Insights4 Pharma and Cosmo Public Relations

Aligning pharma business objectives with patients’ life goals -Applying the patient insight approach of drug development to communications- Healthcare in Japan is undergoing drastic change. To address these shifting trends, COSMO co-hosted an online seminar with global pharmaceutical news media Insights4 Pharma. The seminar succeeded in spotlighting the crucial role of patient insights, particularly: • The pursuit of patient insights leads to early detection of disease, prevention of serious illness, improved adherence, and improved healthcare outcomes. • A solid understanding of

HIV Prevention Focusing on Communities

– Interview with Kota Iwahashi, President of akta – Understanding how akta became a NPO success story Patient empowerment and greater patient participation in managing one’s own health care have gained attention in recent years. One area where this trend has made particular progress is that of HIV and AIDS. As president of akta, Kota Iwahashi has been at the forefront of anti-HIV efforts in Japan. In a sequel to our last newsletter issue, COSMO wanted to learn more about

<HIV today> Latest Information and Changing Mindsets: Shifting to a community-based approach that puts people and the community at the center – Interview with Kota Iwahashi, President of akta –

More than a year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Among the many consequences being felt by us all, one issue that stands out is the impact on operations at public health centers, a body that tended to garner little attention in the past. The past year has underscored the important role public health centers play, but has also shone a light on the difficulties created when such centers are forced to focus exclusively on one disease, in this

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