COSMO a finalist at the 2016 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific.

At this year’s 2016 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards, held on September 28th in Hong Kong, COSMO was a finalist for the Healthcare PR Consultancy of the Year award in Asia-Pacific and “Honorable mention” for Best Specialist Agencies to Work For. COSMO President and CEO Kumi Sato and several COSMO staff attended the event this year.

COSMO is honored to be recognized for the work it has done to reposition itself to become a premier healthcare PR agency in Asia-Pacific. The agency has worked on a host of campaigns in the prior year ranging from disease education and patient advocacy, to awareness for the value of high-priced drugs, which is especially critical given the government’s urgency to control social security costs. Additionally, numerous therapeutic areas were diversely represented in our work last year, and encompassed a range of cancers, central nervous system, rare diseases, hepatitis C virus, atrial fibrillation, and vaccines.

Founded in 1960, COSMO PR is a leading independent strategic communication consultancy in Japan specializing in Healthcare, Food & Food Science, and Consumer Goods & Services.

cosmoadminCOSMO a finalist at the 2016 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific.

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