Optimism for 2021


Happy New Year!

Each new year brings opportunity to bookmark our lives – to reflect and contemplate on our hopes for the year ahead. After the turmoil of last year I’m sure that, like me, you are more curious than ever of what the world will be like in 2021.

As a communications consulting firm specializing in healthcare, all of us at COSMO have been at the center of COVID-19, striving to help many healthcare companies and organizations that are committed to maintaining the health and quality of life of people in the midst of the pandemic.

In a shining example of the power of healthcare innovation, the latter half of 2020 finally brought some “light” at the end of the tunnel. We feel fortunate to have overcome the most difficult year in COSMO’s 60-year history.

Yet we cannot reflect on 2020 without thinking of those who suffered and still suffer from COVID-19, remembering those who have lost family members, friends, jobs, and much that was important to them.

Learning from the last year, COSMO will continue to evolve, be relevant, and seek to lead in every way. We have established three goals for 2021 to ensure we become a partner that makes even more impactful contributions to our clients’ businesses:

◇Continue to publish our Healthcare Insight Report, expanded to cover more therapeutic areas
Developed using COSMO’s proprietary patient survey data, our “Patient Insight Report: Cancer” was well-received after its publication last year. We will continue to publish the report and replicate its survey insight model for tracking healthcare trends across a range of disease areas and research topics.

◇Launch of patient advocacy portal site
As one of COSMO’s core services, a portal site dedicated to patient advocacy will be launched this year to promote the specialization to a wider audience. Serving as a hub, it will showcase best practices from Japan and abroad, creating a multi-stakeholder environment for developing patient-centric initiatives.

◇Launch of corporate reputation management tools and services
Corporate reputation is a critical business asset, but a lack of consistent metrics to evaluate it makes it difficult to manage long-term and strategically. COSMO will launch corporate reputation management tools and services this year that work in the Japanese market, drawing on best practices from global partners.

I hope that the anxiety and restrictions we have grown accustomed to will pass soon so that we may once again meet in person. It is my sincere wish that 2021 will be a special year for each and every one of you.

Kumi Sato,
President and CEO
Cosmo Public Relations Corporation

岩下裕司Optimism for 2021