BLOG: Utilizing Social Media

The communication industry is under intense pressure to keep up with the evolving digital space where consumers are communicating.

According to Creativo’s infographic on Social Networking (2013), 40% of the world’s population are more likely to socialize with their friends online than face-to-face. Many of these interactions are taking place on mobile devices and 50% of smartphone users are connecting to Facebook every hour of every day. Given this high level of connectivity, over 684,000 pieces of content are being shared on Facebook and 100,000 tweets are being posted daily!

Japan is no exception to this trend and the popularity of social media mirrors the desire of the rest of the world to stay connected. Japanese users are accessing a number of different social media networks to socialize and share information. For personal communication, LINE takes the top spot in Japan (52,000,000 UU), while users are flocking to Facebook (24,000,000 UU) to share information and pictures. Japan also boasts one of the world’s most active Twitter communities (19,800,000 UU), with the service remaining the most popular tool to gather basic information in real time.

At COSMO, we are always mindful how digital innovations can effectively amplify a communication strategy.

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cosmoadminBLOG: Utilizing Social Media

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