Cosmo PR and HekaBio Announce Strategic Partnership and Investment in HekaBio

Cosmo PR and HekaBio Announce Strategic Partnership and Investment in HekaBio


HekaBio K.K. (hereafter: HekaBio) and Cosmo Public Relations Corporation (hereafter: Cosmo) have announced that Cosmo has made an investment in HekaBio and that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to increase awareness of and accessibility to emerging innovations in the bioscience field that will aid in meeting the needs of patients and society as a whole.


“I am delighted with Cosmo’s investment and the strategic partnership, which I believe will be highly synergistic as we develop and bring to market a broad range of MedTech and pharma innovations that are needed in Japan. In Cosmo’s Healthcare group (hereafter “Cosmo Healthcare”), we have a strong partner with shared values. Our partnership will enable us to make a greater contribution to society through our collaborative business activities. HekaBio specializes in early access to assets in development in worldwide biotech, regenerative medicine and MedTech ventures, and the success of these programs will be greatly enhanced through collaborations that can be forged in Cosmo Healthcare’s established network” said Rob Claar, CEO of HekaBio.


“Cosmo Healthcare is constantly looking for a way to broaden knowledge of cutting-edge innovations that will lead to healthcare advancements in Japan. HekaBio has such innovative programs that there is no overlap with the activities of any of our current clients. We look forward to working with HekaBio to introduce innovative ideas and create opportunities for the further development of pharmaceuticals, delivery systems and devices that can fulfill the needs of patients and help create a healthier society” said Kumi Sato, President and CEO of Cosmo.


About HekaBio K.K.
HekaBio is an ecosystem for accelerating healthcare innovations in Japan, operating as an in-licensing bio venture, a business development firm and a contract research organization (CRO). HekaBio focuses on solutions with high potential to address patients’ unmet medical needs and deliver cost savings for society. HekaBio currently has nearly 50 programs under management, many of which are new category innovations highly valued among Japanese clinicians.


About Cosmo Public Relations Corporation
Cosmo is a long-established leader in developing communications strategies across a broad range of life science specialties. It has a firm understanding of the Japanese healthcare regulatory framework, a wide network of experts across the entire healthcare sector and unrivaled contacts within the Japanese media. Its skills in qualitative and quantitative analyses make it adept at reading public sentiment and understanding the innovations of a broad range of healthcare professionals, thereby making it able to improve communication and match interests among different stakeholders.


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Tomomi-NagasawaCosmo PR and HekaBio Announce Strategic Partnership and Investment in HekaBio