Optimism for 2020

We’re now a month into 2020, but this year is a significant milestone for COSMO, marking the 60th anniversary of our agency. Since our establishment in 1960, COSMO has evolved from providing editorial services for Japanese companies to being a pioneer in Japan’s communications industry, now specializing in globally-focused healthcare consultancy. A key driving force for COSMO’s business growth has always been to strive to make progress in our field. During this landmark year, we will continue to make advancements in healthcare communications that deliver meaningful value for our clients.

One trend we’ve seen having a powerful impact is the emergence of shared decision making, giving patients more choice. Healthcare is transforming from a service passively received by the patients into a process where patients actively engage with healthcare providers in the learning and decision-making process of treatment options.

Last year, AMED published guidelines on patient and public involvement. We believe this patient-centric approach to healthcare, including in the development of therapies, has the potential to stimulate positive outcomes that can be replicated nationwide.

Best practice public relations, which value mutual communication between multiple stakeholders, is critical for companies in the healthcare industry. To accelerate this principle, COSMO will launch the following three initiatives:

  1. Advance patient advocacy: COSMO will offer opportunities for professionals to discuss best practices of the advanced patient advocacy activities taking place in the U.S. and to consider how global lessons can be applied to efforts in Japan.
  2. Deliver healthcare trend reports: Reports will include analyses of stakeholder perspectives on critical topics such as costly medical treatments. Reports will be available in both Japanese and English.
  3. Introduce global best practices in healthcare communications: Collaborating with our American and European partners, COSMO will expand the services we offer in alignment with global communication best practices.

Sixty years ago, COSMO was established with the aim of strengthening the position of Japanese companies in the U.S. and European markets. From these initial stages, we developed a core belief that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to society.
Sixty years later, COSMO retains these values in our efforts toward creating a healthcare environment where patients can receive better sustainable medical care.

COSMO and our team look forward to you joining us in 2020 on this journey.

ObaOptimism for 2020