The Year in Review & Optimism for 2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Preparations for the post-COVID-19 era have opened up new challenges for all of us, including how to operate remotely and taking precautions, such as continuing to wear masks even in the workplace.
Japan is still preparing to cope with an eighth wave of COVID, although, work and life are generally back to normal.
Our last newsletter focused on Mental Health, and the need to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Japan still seems to lag behind in terms of recognizing Mental Health issues as something that could happen to anyone, and that treatments are available. The cultural norm of staying quiet on anything related to this topic is something that demands attention from government, private sector, NPO’s, and society at large.
Indeed the conference held by the Medical Governance Research Institute at the end of November shed light to us, that this is an area where all stakeholders must work harder to help society.
Rare Disease is another area of particular attention for COSMO. More and more healthcare companies are focusing on this area where there continues to be large unmet need in awareness, diagnosis, and treatment.
I hope that COSMO’s newsletter presents Japan in a positive but realistic light, so that the country will be able to encourage Foreign Direct Investment, as well as open heartedly welcome more foreign domestic workers.
I look to 2023 with great optimism. Let’s continue to work together and we can make a difference. Positive thinking!
Kumi Sato
President and CEO
Cosmo Public Relations Corporation

Note: Our office will be closed for winter vacation from December 29 through January 4. We will be open for business from January 5. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

岩下裕司The Year in Review & Optimism for 2023