Kumi Sato Speaks on Communication Strategy Frameworks at COINS Retreat Camp 2019

Cosmo Public Relations Corp. President, Kumi Sato, joined the Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health (COINS) and the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) to lecture on communication strategy. The COINS/iCONM event included a series of seminars under the central theme, “Looking ahead to the arrival of globalization and the AI era.” The COINS/iCONM event was attended by doctors and researchers specializing in smart nanomachines.

Sato’s lecture was entitled, “How to Effectively Communicate – Communication Leadership.” In her presentation, she instructed participants how to consider healthcare communication strategies beyond ad hoc tactics by harnessing COSMO’s communication framework. She began by introducing how COSMO uses an “umbrella framework” to approach core healthcare communication challenges.

Umbrella Strategy

Starting from a business goal, COSMO elucidates a communication goal, which leads to the development of a strategy containing strategic imperatives. Specific tactics are employed that meet those strategic imperatives. While tactics are often the most attention-grabbing aspect of a campaign, COSMO’s framework ensures that components of a communication strategy remain aligned with the communications goal, creating a streamlined solution.

Sato further presented the DDER strategic approach, which she wrote about in her book Communication Leadership. DDER means “Drive, Differentiate, Enhance, and Reposition.” COSMO uses the DDER approach to define the communication strategy tied to the success of the communication goal. The approaches are represented by the following quadrants:

DDER Communication Strategy ApproachHere are some examples of applying these approaches to communication strategies:

  • Drive approach can be used to introduce a new medical device in the market. Driving messages about the value of the new device to targeted stakeholders.
  • Differentiate is utilized when another product is in the market. Differentiate innovative new drug from existing products.
  • Enhance value proposition of drug to untapped stakeholders.
  • Reposition could involve changing perception, such as repositioning target mindset to prioritize validated facts over unsubstantiated conjecture.

Dr. Nagahiro Yoshida, former VP Chief of Staff at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.In addition to Sato’s lecture on communication strategy, Dr. Nagahiro Yoshida, former VP Chief of Staff at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., gave the lecture, “Impact of Globalization on Human Resource Development.” He brought up several cultural aspects which are unique to the Japanese. Dr. Yoshida encouraged everyone to set ambitious goals for themselves and use mentors to help further their careers. He further asked the participants to actively voice their thoughts and practice using English during the event.

Oct 18 COINS seminar participant group work

After learning about strategic communications and active participation, participants were challenged to develop PR strategies for iCONM and COINS in foreign markets. Participants were grouped to represent various countries. The groups brainstormed challenges for introducing nanomachines in their respective countries and developed PR strategies and tactics. The COINS event led to some unique and insightful ideas, both about the countries and about methods in which nanomachines could be introduced.

COINS is a research center for ideation and development of innovative products and services that will change the future by anticipating future social need. The Center aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies, human resources and ideas from universities and private companies in and outside Japan.

ObaKumi Sato Speaks on Communication Strategy Frameworks at COINS Retreat Camp 2019