BLOG: Educate Society to Improve Patient QOL

For many of us, the need to fit in with friends, colleagues, and society already presents a worrying challenge. However, for patients with skin diseases, fitting in is made more challenging because they carry a reminder of a noticeable difference. Despite that many skin diseases are non-contagious, the condition can attract unwanted attention for patients. The extra attention can leave patients feeling ashamed, isolated, and fearful of participating in social activities.

One such skin disease is psoriasis which causes itchy, flaky lesions on the skin. According to research by the Department of Clinical, Social and Administrative Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan (2011), 71% of psoriasis patients agreed that their disease is a significant issue in everyday life and 57% of patients think that psoriasis negatively affects their self-esteem.

The worldwide prevalence of psoriasis is 2%, and in Japan prevalence is only 0.34% meaning that there is low awareness and understanding of the disease.

COSMO collaborated with psoriasis patients, dermatologists, and hair care professionals to design and implement an event to educate beauty students on the disease and demonstrate how they can make psoriasis sufferers feel more comfortable when visiting a beauty salon. Media were also invited to the event to further convey information on psoriasis and the everyday issues of sufferers to a wider society.

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cosmoadminBLOG: Educate Society to Improve Patient QOL

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