BLOG: Online Influencers

As the power of online media intensifies, the way in which businesses engage with consumers has to adapt.

In Japan, print media has always been very influential with over 124 daily newspapers distributing more than 40 million copies a day. But in the last 5 years alone, circulation has dropped by over 2 million. Therefore, it is no longer enough for businesses to rely on their strong relationships with print media to communicate with consumers.

With over 76.5 million people now owning a smart phone in Japan and the average weekly usage of smartphone for news access increasing, businesses need to engage with online influencers (bloggers, tweeters, etc.) who can share key messages through peer-created content on social media to their audience of loyal, trusting virtual “fans”.

Please click here for an example of an online influencer driven campaign executed by COSMO.

cosmoadminBLOG: Online Influencers

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