COSMO Healthcare Interview: “Japan in 10 Minutes”

No. 2: Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura, MD, of Hirata Central Hospital in Fukushima

As the second segment of COSMO’s “Japan in 10 Minutes” interview series, our CEO Kumi Sato interviews with Dr. Tsubokura, of Hirata Central Hospital in Japan.
In the interview, Dr. Tsubokura discussed the situation about PCR testing and Antibody testing in Japan.

Dr. Tsubokura is an expert in hematology, and radiation health management.
After the Tohoku earthquake crises, he began working in Fukushima, at the Hirata Central Hospital , and at the Minami Souma Municipal General Hospital, seeing patients, and conducting research on the effects of the nuclear crises on patients health, but also the effects of contamination on food products.
・Reference URL:Nine years on, Fukushima’s mental health fallout lingers

COSMO Healthcare Interview:“Japan in 10 Minutes”

Tomomi-NagasawaCOSMO Healthcare Interview: “Japan in 10 Minutes”