Kumi Sato

COSMO Healthcare Interview: “Japan in 10 Minutes”

No. 2: Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura, MD, of Hirata Central Hospital in Fukushima

As the second segment of COSMO’s “Japan in 10 Minutes” interview series, our CEO Kumi Sato interviews with Dr. Tsubokura, of Hirata Central Hospital in Japan.
In the interview, Dr. Tsubokura discussed the situation about PCR testing and Antibody testing in Japan.

Tomomi-NagasawaCOSMO Healthcare Interview: “Japan in 10 Minutes”
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Kumi Sato Speaks on Communication Strategy Frameworks at COINS Retreat Camp 2019

Cosmo Public Relations Corp. President, Kumi Sato, joined the Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health (COINS) and the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) to lecture on communication strategy. The COINS/iCONM event included a series of seminars under the central theme, “Looking ahead to the arrival of globalization and the AI era.” The COINS/iCONM event was attended by doctors and researchers specializing in smart nanomachines.

Sato’s lecture was entitled, “How to Effectively Communicate – Communication Leadership.” In her presentation, she instructed participants how to consider healthcare communication strategies beyond ad hoc tactics by harnessing COSMO’s communication framework. She began by introducing how COSMO uses an “umbrella framework” to approach core healthcare communication challenges.

ObaKumi Sato Speaks on Communication Strategy Frameworks at COINS Retreat Camp 2019
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Navigating the Japan healthcare landscape over the past 12 months

After nearly 60 years in business since it was established, COSMO reflects on the past 12 months of helping MNCs navigate Japanese healthcare communications.

Healthcare Communication Consulting

Healthcare communications consultancy has grown further into our core offering since we first committed to this space over a decade ago. This year, COSMO was a leading consulting agency for one of the largest M&A deals by a Japanese company.

We also managed product launches across varied disease areas and proactively communicated clinical milestones. COSMO provided English and Japanese communication services across preclinical to launch phases for both established pharmaceutical companies and upcoming biotech companies.

ObaNavigating the Japan healthcare landscape over the past 12 months
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ACCJ 70th Anniversary

On October 16, 2018, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) celebrated its 70th anniversary at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

The ACCJ was established 70 years ago when founding ACCJ President Dennis McEvoy met General Douglas MacArthur to discuss the great potential of the ACCJ as a force for good. Since then, the ACCJ has become a primary voice in the US–Japan economic partnership and the premier foreign business organization in Japan.

ObaACCJ 70th Anniversary
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